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ad damn'd Posted: 04-02-2014 1:53:00
   Post Subject: the anti-social network?

So I know this website had been blown up and rebuilt.. but there's like 500+ users and ZERO messages on the forum.  generally speaking, the vibe from the psychobilly shows I go to is more social than the punk and metal scenes -- so I'm wondering where's the social interaction online? 

My name's Adam, I'm somewhat new to the scene... but I freaking love it.  My marriage ended, and I'm transitioning from an ER workaholic to a guy with an overabundance of free time due to a disability.  My left hand isn't working too good anymore.  So now I've got all this time to focus on my true passion, which is music... and I can't play the fucking guitar.

So I've got a vision for a psychobilly/punkabilly band, and am looking for people to network with.  I live in Burbank, and my schedule's wide open right now other than medical appointments.  Mission statement's on my profile, if you or anyone you know might be interested in forming this band -- please hit me up!  Thanks

East Los Ponygirl Posted Reply: 05-31-2014 7:59:40:

Hey Adam, how's your hand doing?

Your introduction post wasn't visible as a topic because no one replied to it. Now that I did, this reply should be visible on the homepage.

Well the member count is thrown off because PF 2.0 was cloned from RF 2.0 including the database. Up to a certain day, I forget which, all those that joined after that day on PF, they had an independent account from RF.If you had an RF account before that day, your log in info was good for PF. I hope that made sense.

I hear you though on things being slow around here.
Slick Nicky Posted Reply: 09-07-2014 5:21:41:

Hey there guys, I just made a new account, I haven't been on since the rockabillyfever days. I just moved to the Los Angeles area and I am trying to get the skinny in the scene over here. I'll be at the Chop Tops show tomorrow with Dotty, so maybe I'll see you cats there! Cheers