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ad damn'd Posted: 04-02-2014 11:37:19
   Post Subject: LA psychobilly, punkabilly, rockabilly, etc. shows!

I'm going to start a thread of shows in the LA area here.  Post for your favorite locals, or touring acts under the radar worth seeing... cos' we all hear about it when the Rev & Nekromantix roll through.

ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-02-2014 11:37:50:

couple shows coming up this month:  

THIS Saturday Apr.5 -- The Rocketz (rockabilly punk) and the nickel slots (traditional rockabilly) play @ The Olde Towne Pub in Pasadena

Sat Apr. 26th @ the redwood bar in downtown LA -- lineup features: Liquor-n-Poker (punkabilly), bad bruno (streetpunk), future graves (garage punk rawk n' roll).

Delete Posted Reply: 04-15-2014 9:41:36:

Ooh! I may go to the one at the Redwood. Thats close by to me!
East Los Ponygirl Posted Reply: 04-19-2014 4:02:28:

Hey Dotty, if you are going, mind letting me know? I want to go but with it being 3 days after going under for the slice and dice, I don't want to go alone, tu sabes. Hey Adam, how much is the cover for the Redwood show?
Delete Posted Reply: 04-21-2014 8:04:21:

Aye! Of course I'll let you know bella!
ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-22-2014 2:35:31:

cover is $5 I believe... i will probably get there late, cuz Liquor n' Poker always seem to go on last and I plan to go to the rockabilly showdown out in the OC from like 11am-4pm. may need a little siesta to recuperate my energy. you guys and gals can check them out at -- they put their albums up for free download alot, and also tend to give them away at shows.
Delete Posted Reply: 04-23-2014 12:40:54:

Aye Bella, it doesn't look like I will be going. Going to see my family and spend time with my niece.  
ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-23-2014 3:32:44:

Gutter Demons -- Saturday May 31, Elks Lodge Van Nuys

can't believe it, but Canadian Psychobilly masters the Gutter Demons are coming to LA, and playing one show... at an ELKS LODGE in Van Nuys?  WTF

color me GOING for damn sure
ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-23-2014 3:44:48:

This weekend!  Rockabilly Showdown at the OC Market Place... no cover charge, should run around 11am-4pm each day.  I'm going for that Gretsch too... proceeds of the raffle go to a good cause.
Delete Posted Reply: 04-24-2014 10:18:07:

So Bella, looks like Ill be going afterall! Prior I'm going to see Orson Wells Touch Of Evil up the street. Let me know if you feel up to joining and you know you are welcome to stay over. I'll make breakfast!
East Los Ponygirl Posted Reply: 04-25-2014 9:40:41:

Dang it! I want to go with you Dotty, the Orson Wells things sounds interesting. I'm aching even with the pain meds.

Tomorrow is also a 50th B-Day party at my mom's for a family friend. She didn't get any b-day parties growing up, she wants to celebrate her 50th BIG! She's got cancer and is also wheelchair bound, so I think I would have more fun watching her hit her first pinata ever, plus there is cake. Hopefully she'll have many more b-day parties in her future.

Well Adam and Dotty, I look forward to your reviews of the shindigs. Post pictures too!

I messed around with the albums feature. I haven't found the max amount allowed yet, but so far I was able to post 38pics in one album.
ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-26-2014 1:35:30:

Dang, I am going to have one hell of a rocking Saturday.  

OC rockabilly showdown starts at 11am, 8 bands I've never seen before but should have a lot of fun.  Hoping to win that guitar they have up for raffle.  

A phenomenal psychobilly band from Japan/LA INAZUMA (translation:  thunderf/lightning) is then opening an all ages gig in El Monte at a VFW.  I actually played a show with them in Little Tokyo at this place called The Cocaine back in 2006, back then they were more of a garage punk 4 piece, now they're a 3 piece psychobilly band -- just did Viva Las Vegas and from what I understand they got voted to play on the final day by popular demand.  

ALL AGES Doors: at 6:30pm (Bar with I.D.)
Inazuma : 7pm
The Spoofs: 8pm
PowerFlex 5: 9pm (Corey Miller on drums)
The Quaranteds: 10pm
Official- Gamblers Mark: 11pm
Taking place at the Greater El Monte Vfw Post
11126 Ramona Blvd, El Monte, CA 
(626) 448-1737

And then Liquor n' Poker is going on first for a change, at 10pm at the Redwood.  I better get some rest tonight!

Gina, get well soon!
ad damn'd Posted Reply: 04-29-2014 1:58:05:

Hippy Killer Hoedown!