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  • About PsychobillyFever

    PsychobillyFever was first created sometime in 2009. Very early in the year 2013 the complete domain with all its files and database that stored member's information was held hostage by an irresponsible host provider that did not give the owner access to his files and passwords to update his site. Eventually the site was taken down

    A clone copy of RockabillyFever was created and its members from the data base was copied to the new PF

    We are now hosted on a better server with better service than we had before.

    We hope you like the new improvements that was added to the this site and we are sorry for any convenience it may has caused our old members that lost all their info and old friends.

    The goal of PsychobillyFever is to unite all people from all over the world who love psychobilly, rockabilly, and all things related to the 50's and Kustom Kulture. We hope to provide a safe place to communicate and share all things Kustom Kulture and related to Psychobilly and rockabilly. Below are the Rules and some ideas and tips how you may use this site.

  • A few simple Rules to help keep this site going well and prevent it from going down hill:

    • 1. No posting Images or music playlists that do not help in the promotion of Psychobilly and its related genre and themes or its life style.
    • 2. No name calling or putting other fellow members down.
    • 3. No free advertising your personal business or website without approval. if you like to advertise then apply for buying ad space.
    • Tips and suggestions on how to help PsychobillyFever.com:

    • 1. Invite other friends here that you know love Psychobilly music
    • 2. Put up our banner/logos on your other websites, Facebook, Myspace, etc.. Banners here
    • 3. Help us get other Psychobilly musicians here by telling them about this site. NOTE: We like to have mostly Psychobilly musician here but rockabilly musicians are very welcome as well..
    • 4. Those who have money help PF by donating or getting a VIP account. It takes money to keep this site going and updated.
    • 5. Keep active on this site and use it often. Log on every day if possible..
    • End of about us......

    Well that is it for the About Us section if you have any other questions not found anywhere on this page please send all your questions to RockinReb

    Contact Rebel here:

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